Leon Knox – Professional Actor and Model

Leon Knox is a Thai film, television actor and model, born on 6 May 1998. Started acting in the TVC industry since he was 15-16 years old, the same time he was an English teacher for 2 years in Pattaya till he was 18 and ready to go to university. After that he moved to Bangkok for his studies at University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce doing a Major in International Business Management and only focused on his acting career.
He have featured in many different types of TV commercials throughout Asia which includes Thailand which is the main country, Vietnam, Cambodia and quite a few in Indonesia.

More Details
Name: Leon Christian Rhodes Knox
Age: 20 years
Height: 177 cm, Weight: 65 kg.
Nationality: Thai & British
Religion: Buddhism
Education: Studying at University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Marital Status: Single
Health: Excellent

Over ten commercials which includes: Gold City Shoes (the first commercial 2014-2015), Chocolate Bon o bon, McDonalds, Suzuki (for cars), Honda (bikes), Cornetto (Ice Cream), Mogu mogu (Jelly Drink), Truemove (Phone Centre), Sanafe (Restaurant Chain), L-men drink (Indonesian Power Drink), Est Cola, Flip Flops, featured in two Thai films on Channel 3 and Channel 7.